Online Betting Made Simple: 3 Easy Football Bets That Can Help You Make Money!?

Football Bets

Online Betting is one of the easiest ways to make MONEY. That is, if you know what you are doing!! And make the right BETS and do 1 simple thing, WIN!! But that’s not so easy as it sounds. And sometimes people end up making the wrong calls. Or just impulsive ones, that can cost them MONEY, big time!! But not everyone is that STUPID and some know the tricks of the trade.

And that is how they ensure that they keep winning. And making more money with each game that they play. It’s like GETTING PAID for your FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE. Surely, there are other ways of making MONEY. But online betting helps kill 2 BIRDS with a single STONE.

Just to be clear that there are quite a few articles that we have done. And will be doing for such ONLINE BETTING information. This will surely be part of a long-term series. And the best betting sites like WINMATCH work with Beyond The Posts already!!

Here Are 3 Online Betting Tips For Players Who Want To Win More Or Recover Losses!!

3. Minimum Of 10 SHOTS ON TARGET In Total For 1-Sided Games

Every one-sided game has a lot of attacking moments. This is generally from the team that wants to push for a goal or more goals. They dominate possession and clearly push for multiple attacks. Any team that dominates proceedings will at least be expected to score a couple of goals, if not more. They will keep pressing and push forward to attack the opposition box. Even if there are no goals, the ball will be close to the opposition goal-post and eventually more shots on target will be generated.

As the minutes will go by, eventually the deadlock will be broken. And many times, there are multiple shots on target in the second half of a game. On the other hand, with bookings also coming into play, there can be a red card as well. This generally happens to the weaker team, out of the two. Increase of a sending off, the number of shorts eventually increase if goals have not been already scored.

This idea makes the bet a ‘safe’ one. And one can generally utilize this tip. As per what has been seen so far, 12 to 13 shots on target are the average number in such games, if not more!!


2. Online Betting On Total Shots For The Stronger Team Before The Game Starts In 1 Sided Match (Number Is Lesser Before Match Starts)

Betting on one-sided games, is quite easy with a lot of bets in favour of the stronger side. Though shots on target, is a bit difficult to predict, total shots aren’t. However one thing is for certain!! Though betting on games before they start can be risky at times, the targets are lesser in this case if you bet before the match actually begins.

This at times helps to make the right call. And it she was the players as well. However, the odds for the minimum numbers would be very less. But one can always choose the second or third option and go for it.

Such bets are beneficial when a player invests a bigger amount, rather than a small one. But at the same time if you invest the same amount, over and over again, the chances of winning are really high. So, once you get a hang of it, it can be really profitable to the player!!

 3. +1.5 Goals In The 1st Half In 1-Sided Football Matches

In one-sided football matches, it is always expected that there will be a lot of goals. And many times, a chunk of these goals come in the first half. With that being said, it is always advisable to bet on more than 1.5 goals in the first-half. In such one-sided games it happens often, that teams are very aggressive in the opening half.

And once they score 3-4 goals, they tend to ease down a bit in the second half. So it is advisable to wait a little (5-10 minutes at the start) for the odds to go up and then bet on this selection.

Bonus Tip: At Least 3 Offsides (Total) If Any 1 Team/Manager Likes To Play A High Line Generally

This bonus one is more of a tactical one. If you have the right footy knowledge, only then you can make it rather easily. And win money!! But only if your understanding of the game is really good, then this is the bet for you. Just that you need to understand and address the right numbers.

Generally in such games, the number of offsides in each half should be around two or more. So, 3 is a safe average number that one can focus on, for games involving these teams, irrespective of the competition. But one factor would surely be the situational awareness and knockout matches are generally more intense.

If both teams play really high lines, then the number can be even higher. However, such a combination of teams doesn’t often show up. And even if they do, at least one out of the two, changes their tactical approach for such matches!!

So, these are some MORE TIPS on FOOTBALLING BETS, after our initial article. Be sure to activate NOTIFICATIONS for more such articles in the long run!! And hope to see you, keep making money and growing!! Cheers!!

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