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Three Reasons Why Jessica Jones: Season 3 Could Have Just Saved The Marvel TV Universe

The perfect Disney story doesn’t always come true in life. Well, such is also the case with the Marvel shows that were cancelled on Netflix quite recently, but were rumoured to be moving to Disney+. However, some recent reports further added that it was not going to be the case and these stories were just fans hoping that it would happen.

Further, even if the move did happen, Jessica Jones would not be joining the other shows, as its season 3 was set to air on Netflix at that point of time. Though an emphatic statement was made by the Marvel TV Universe over the years, it had to live up to the expectations as high as its cinematic counterpart and compete with the DC shows (Arrowverse) on the CW Network as well.

The problems recently grew big-time, though they were already creeping in slowly previously as well, with more shows being added to the network’s programming. Due to this, some of the others were cancelled.

However, with the recent season being rather dark and intriguing once again (as most Marvel shows on Netflix are), here are three reasons why it may have saved the Marvel TV Universe-

3. Over-powering villain

When the villain is stronger than the hero herself in terms of mind and physical presence, things can get real interesting. It is at this point of time that a true hero emerges and one has to dig deep and find a way. Salinger was one such scary killer.

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The best moment of the entire season was when Dorothy Walker was brutally murdered by him and Trish lost it, turning a new leaf. The transition was well shown and it made total sense. Also, this part of the story gave Salinger more power, as beyond this point no matter what Jessica did, it was a lost cause.

Trish had also been lost and so was the battle. All that she could do now, was reconcile and recover.

2. Mixed reactions igniting the debate online

There were mixed reactions about the show going around on social media, with people either really impressed with the show or totally unhappy with things. It is obvious that you just can’t please everyone, though Rotten Tomatoes had given the third season a rating of 73% (quite decent).

Keeping that in mind, there were still some moments which were just too subtle, while others were really jaw-dropping. Controversy makes cash and one can have no complaints about that, especially considering the fact that they might be seeing this show for the last time ever. Hopefully not!!

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1. The cliffhanger ending

Though the death of Gregory Salinger (killed by Trish, brutally) gave Jessica a little time to spend on her own, her feud with Trish is far from over. Patsy was sent to prison (as shown), but her story definitely doesn’t end there with possibly HellCat yet to come.

Further, at the end when Krysten Ritter arrives at the station and asks for a ticket, the lights turn purple and she can hear the voice of Killgrave talking to her. She was a bit conflicted for a second, as to whether she was a hero or not. However, after a few seconds she just smiled as if something had triggered a nerve, which once again made the fans wonder if he was actually still alive.


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