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Confirmed: John Morrison Returns To WWE After Eight Long Years; All You Need To Know

There is no bad way to make your return in WWE after almost eight years… except if it is just announced on a studio show watched by less than 100,000 people. John Morrison last wrestled in a match at Impact’s Slammiversary XVII under the ring name Johnny Impact, where he challenged the X Division Champion Rich Swann in losing cause. Later it was reported by Pro Wrestling Insider that his contract with Impact has expired and he is going to move away from the promotion. Henigan then took a break from wrestling to nurse his injuries and spend some time away from the ring.

Ever since then speculations were running high about where can fans see him next. He was heavily rumoured to go to AEW (like any other independent wrestler in the summer) as some of his friends were in the company and his wrestling style and popularity could help the new promotion in their initial years. Nothing came of it. When rumours started circulating that he could go back to WWE, Morrison himself denied the rumour on social media.

Now, after weeks of speculation, Ryan Satin on the latest episode of WWE Backstage confirmed that John Morrison is indeed coming back to WWE. There wasn’t much detail given about it. His return date is still up in the air as is his length of the contract and which brand would he be joining. With Royal Rumble right around the corner, we could very well see the former Intercontinental Champion making his return there.

There is still a question about why WWE just announced about his return on a talk show when they could have had him made a shocking return to get the biggest pop of the year. He is still going to get a big reaction when he would eventually show up on WWE TV, but that would not be as effective now as it would have been if it was a shocking return.

John Morrison has had a very strong career after leaving WWE in 2011. He was a huge name in the independent circuit and was the face of the Luch Underground in all of their four seasons. In Impact Wrestling, he won the Impact World Championship and tried his best to change the promotion’s impression from the disastrous days of TNA. During the time, he also tried his hands in acting. He played the lead role in his own movie, Boone the Bounty Hunter, and also performed in Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

The wrestling industry is booming right now in the United States and competition for WWE is at an all-time high with AEW and New Japan USA. Signing a popular wrestler like John Morrison must get some old fans back as he was a huge deal in WWE in 2010. He was the hi-flyer in the company when the main event scene was filled with hard-hitting wrestlers like John Cena, Batista, and Triple H. Hopefully, WWE would use him in a prominent role now and would just not shove him in the already diluted mid-card, as they did in his initial run.

Nevertheless, here is the CMLL referee doing some of the best work of his career:

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