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Ajinkya Rahane Refuses To Cut Kangaroo Design Cake During Celebrations, Appreciated On Social Media

After achieving the impossible, Team India players came back to their families and were welcomed grandly welcomed by their families and also by the people living in their neighbourhood. Similarly, Indian cricket team vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane who led the side to a historic victory in Virat Kohli’s absence was given a hero’s welcome by family and friends.

Rahane who is still unbeaten as captain of the Indian team pulled off a stupendous job. That was with Virat Kohli not around. To add to that, there were also so many injuries piling up with every passing day against the mighty Australians at their own den. He led his troops brilliantly and earned a 2-1 win over the Kangaroos.

Not just any win. That too with a historic win at the Gabba, which came after more than three decades. While celebrations on his return were on full swing, Rahane gave another example of being a true gentleman at the same time. He did something that not a lot of his fans would have predicted. That is why he once again became the talk of the town.

skipper Ajinkya Rahane gets grand welcome at the house in Mumbai. It is Rahane's refusing to cut the cake with Kangaroo shaped thing on it which gets the spotlight.

The Story Of The Ajinkya Rahane Celebration That Did The Rounds On Social Media 

The 32-year old was greeted with great celebrations by his family, friends and neighbours. It was a similar case for a lot of players. They were delighted that they organized a series of events to honour the Indian vice-captain on his exceptional feat. However, amidst all the celebration and joy, Rahane gave yet another example of his humility and kind nature. He is known for such qualities and the world appreciated him for it once again.

A cake was arranged to celebrate India’s win Down Under which was led by him, and he was asked to cut it. However, the Mumbai born cricketer was quick to notice the Kangaroo design on the cake and decided against cutting the cake. The main reason for not cutting the cake was the Kangaroo design. Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia and the Australian cricket team are known as the Kangaroos. So to pay them respect, Rahane was completely against the idea of cutting the cake.

What Aditi Limaye-Kamat Told News18 Clarifying The Idea Of Baking A Cake With The Kangaroo Design?

The video of the incident has since gone viral on Social Media. There was complete coverage of the whole celebration on a local Marathi channel. Rahane has been lauded and appreciated by people from all over the country for his humble nature and the respect that he has shown for the Aussies.

“It is understood that the cake was baked by Aditi Limaye-Kamat, the owner of Home Chef bakery. My business partner Jeetendra Thackrey, who is a former Ranji player suggested this idea that we do something unique.”

It is also understood that a person named Himanshu Patil who is Rahane’s close friend asked the bakery for the same. That was to bake a special cake for the auspicious occasion. However, Ajinkya Rahane had other plans and the world has appreciated him for that. What a great guy!!


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