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Herschelle Gibbs Picks The Better Batsmen Between Virat Kohli And Rohit Sharma

There has always been a debate amongst the fans as to who is better? Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli. The fans of these two top players have been fighting it out for years now. At times, there has been a rift between the two as well. However, things are good now and the two co-exist in the team, as captain and vice-captain.

With that being said, while the fans were wondering who is better, Herschelle Gibbs thinks there is someone better out of the two. He recently pointed it out and the fans couldn’t help but talk about the comment.

There has always been a fierce rivalry between the two sets of fans. One set trolls the other and this has gone on for quite some time now.

Who Is Better, Virat Kohli Or Rohit Sharma According To Herschelle Gibbs?

When a fan recently asked who is better out of the two, Herschelle Gibbs was quick to give a reply. Initially, the fan must have thought that the former South African batsman will avoid the question. However, he didn’t and was very clear about his choice. He even gave the reason why he felt so in the initial post that he had put on Twitter.

Below is the conversation between Gibbs and the fan-

So Mayank asked him the question that a lot of players deflect from. However, Gibbs was clear with his answer and there were no two ways about it.

Well, the Rohit Sharma fans will not be too pleased by this answer for sure. However, it is all about the runs that they score for Team India. Recently, Rohit Sharma was rested for the first two T20I and that caused a stir once again. So the fans have been a bit volatile with regards to this topic.

What Next For Team India And The Two Batsmen?

The two batsmen, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma will be both focused on the upcoming edition of the IPL. IPL 2021 will be a big tournament for all the players, as it will be followed by the T20 World Cup. With that being said, Virat Kohli would be keen to win his first title.

Even IF there's a cold war between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, so what?

The two will face off in the opening game of the new IPL edition. Rohit Sharma and his Mumbai Indians’ team retained the title in IPL 2020. A third consecutive win would be great for them. However, the other seven teams will want to have their say and will not back down from a fight.

Things are looking good for the teams ahead of the competition. Team India will also be focused on winning the T20 series. The Indian openers have been poor so far, with Ishan Kishan stepping up on his debut. With that being said, Rohit Sharma could be getting a game soon. Let’s wait and watch if he is played in the last three games of the series or not. Only time will tell!!

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