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Facts: The 2021 Olympics; Turning Into A $20B Bust For Japan

Ideally, when a grandiose extravaganza like the Olympics unfolds in your country, keeping aside all the glitz, glam and glory, the most common expectation are to make a good deal of proceeds for the same. Sadly, the pandemic has changed the dynamics of the entire equation.

The host nation had major expectations from the tournament. The key ones were an economic windfall and global recognition. However, Covid-19 has ruined that completely.

Now, a disgruntled populace just wants it all to go away and the tournament to be over. That seems to be the case based on the recent reports coming in. These suggest that things just aren’t going as per plan.

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The Olympics 2021 Tournament Is Just Not What It Was Expected To Be For Japan

Japan simply doesn’t want any more glitz and glam. They have now become averse to the thunderous drumming of the mega event unfolding under their banner. The reason for such unexpected aversion is the calamitous explosion of losses that they have been incurring ever since the beginning of the latest edition of the fray.

As soon as the mega announcement came from Toyota that they didn’t want to roll out any further ads in Japan pertaining to the Olympics, the heavens came crashing down upon the administration. This was one of the worst things that could have happened. That too, to a major tournament as this, that involves all the world’s biggest and smallest countries.

Toyota is Japan’s most valuable company and it is a global Olympics sponsor, an echelon shared only by 13 other companies. For US spectators, a whopping amount of 13m USD was splurged on a Super Bowl commercial starring the Olympic rings.

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The Aim To Do Better And Make A Huge Impact; Can It Still Work Out For The Japanese?

Sadly, in Japan, the company found its content to be extremely sensitive and decided to withdraw its support. The 2020 games that are happening a year late due to the raging pandemic has failed to create any hope for the Japanese people. There are absolutely zero chances of a windfall and if these situations persist, things will aggravate further for Japan.

Japan wanted to use the games to showcase to the world that it is still a reckoning force in terms of the economy despite its receding populace and an incessant challenge from China, in terms of financial resurgence.

This was also an attempt by Japan to brag about a triumphant return from the devastating Tsunami in 2011. Sadly, all of it has backfired and now it is a gruelling task for the vanguard of the entire showdown to maintain his job. These things can really impact the tournament in the long run. The fans will be hoping that this is just a small hurdle in making things right for the long run.

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Update On The Medals And Their Purity In The Tokyo Olympics

It was recently reported that gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics aren’t actually worth their weight. The medals are mostly made of silver, with only 1.2% being GOLD. Only silver medals are made entirely from their namesake. On the other hand, Bronze medals are 95% Copper and 5% Zinc.

This just shows that the Olympics are in big trouble and the issue needs to be sorted. They are in need of the support that is a must for the growth of the competition. Hopefully, things are sorted soon with this global crisis that has hit us.


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