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The Slow Demise Of Blackberry That Heeds A Warning For The Future Innovators

Blackberry, the one-time leader in Business phones, recently announced its closure, stating that the operating system they have will no longer be reliable for Data as well as emergency calls. This comes as a final nail in the coffin of one of the most prominent tech giants at the beginning of the 21st Century, whose phones were used by executives, top politicians and many users across the globe.

It was once on everyone’s lips and now has left us all. That is how life is and how new innovations and inventions have taken over the globe.

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This move marks the end of an Era for the erstwhile giants in the telecom space, who were the pioneers of email on the go, and their famous BBM messenger services. Blackberry began gaining a lot of traction as one of the companies to look out for because of their ability to provide the users with Email services on the go, right at their fingertips. This led to every mover and shaker, any person involved in any sort of service requiring an email service having a Blackberry device with them.

BlackBerry OS devices are pretty much dead after January 4th | Engadget

The move made them one of the most profitable companies in the financial boom which began after the economic crisis in 08-09. Top executives across different countries hankered for their “Crackberries” because they did not want to be left behind.

This need played into the hands of the companies, who charged a premium for their services; Blackberry became so humungous, that at one point in 2008, Blackberry had a market capitalization of a whopping $80b. Another USP of the company was their “BBM”, a messenger service that then went on to become a platform that even gave Facebook a run for their money. Teens, kids, and adults all used BBM as a means of social networking, with the exchange of “pins” becoming common practice.

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But like many others who came and went, Blackberry didn’t capitalize on its massive expansion and did not make the required changes to take their expansion to the next level. They became lax, while the likes of Apple, Samsung, etc went to the next level by diversifying their products, updating their software and operating systems and making it a much more customer-friendly interface, Blackberry kind of stagnated into the rearview, with the same rustic features without a lot of changes.
A decade (or so) of BlackBerry smartphones (pictures) - CNET
This led to reduction in users, turnovers, profits and brand reduction, which finally culminated in its demise. Technology always needs to be dynamic in nature. That is something that innovators learn the hard way and if they refuse to accept change, they are forced out of the market most times. That is something that has been seen with Blackberry too now.
The lesson that Blackberry can learn is that when cult gadgets, who have a lot of following, tend to lose their edge, it becomes very difficult to get out of the descent that they are in, ultimately leading to pulling the plug. So Long Blackberry, hopefully, you are missed.

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