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Former Arsenal Star Was Inspired By Mikel Arteta; Here’s How!?

The Story Of How Mikel Arteta Has Inspired This Former Arsenal Star!! It is a well-known fact that footballers are role models to a lot of people. Whether they are actively playing or involved in some other role, fans follow their favourites across the globe and in every nook and corner. They follow everything the stars do and want to replicate their best qualities from time to time.

However, not just current players but a lot of former players can be role models too. They can inspire the new generation of talent with their work for the game. It could be as a player, coach or more. Mikel Arteta was a player till recent times and is now a young manager.

He has been leading Arsenal for the last three seasons and this is his fourth. The Gunners are on top of the league table. Things are looking quite good for them so far. The culture looks a lot different and the fans are loving everything about this young team. The direction they are taking certainly seems to be the right one.

How Did Mikel Arteta Inspire Ex-Arsenal Midfielder Jack Wilshere?

Something has really changed at the Emirates. Jack Wilshere knows it and has seen it within the first team. That is what he has been saying all this while. The fans can also feel this change. Mikel Arteta has waved his magic at Arsenal.

The team looks motivated as ever. They want to push for more. Arsenal has showcased a winner’s mentality this season. The North London giants are not ready to quite. Teams above them last season in the points table, have crumbled. However, Mikel Arteta and his young side have gone upwards.

Keeping that in mind, Jack Wilshere, a former Arsenal star who played under Arsene Wenger and has seen the team under Mikel Arteta, had this to say-

What Does This Mean For The Gunners; Are They Serious Title Contenders This Season?

Well, from what we have seen so far, Arsenal do have an advantage this season. Their rivals including Manchester City have not looked sharp. The reason for that could be the World Cup that is going on at present. Most teams must be more keen on making that count.

However, no matter what the reason, the Gunners will want to capitalize on it. Mikel Arteta is keen on winning titles at Arsenal and no excuse made by rival fans can change if he does so. The lead is currently of 5 points at the top and the Londoners will want to continue to win.

Some of their young guns are in Qatar for the World Cup. However, knowing Arteta, he will be only waiting for the season to resume. Let’s hope what Jack Wilshere has said works for the team and they win the League!! #COYG


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