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WWE Latest Update: Undertaker Makes Bold Claim About Wrestlemania Streak

WWE Latest Update: There is no doubt that The Undertaker is one of the biggest names in all of professional wrestling. He recently is said to have retired, though with regards to the WWE, there is no such official retirement policy. Any superstar can make a return if and when the right opportunity or the money is there to be made, though in this case, the fans would hope that this retirement stays permanent.

However, since being off of TV, the Undertaker has been more active than ever. He has been doing a lot of talking, especially on shows and Podcasts. His main role now is to talk about his legacy and the things that surround his 30-year long career. A career in which he did it all.

WWE Latest Update: What Were The Comments Made By The Undertaker About His Wrestlemania Streak!?

The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak was one of the most prestigious streaks in the business of Professional Wrestling. Many superstars that had faced the DEADMAN, had succumbed to his superiority. That is why, this list had the biggest names of them all. And none had the courage or the gall to break it.

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Mark Calaway opened up about his career. He talked about several things including the streak. Further, he went on to add about the time that it was supposed to be broken. Also, Calaway mentioned which superstars were considered to break the streak and how.

He narrated all the details involving the various scenarios. Some of them were just funny as hell and the fans were relieved that these didn’t actually happen.

The Real Contenders To Break His Streak; Yes This Is A Mad-Mad List And What The Undertaker Thinks Should Have Happened!!

In his latest interview, the Undertaker suggested a few names that could have broken the streak. He further added his opinion about Brock breaking it. And then Roman Reigns beating him as well!!

Below is the clip that is doing the rounds on Social Media-

Amongst the various names that could have probably broken the streak, the Undertaker mentioned Vladimir Kozlov was actually being considered. But that didn’t happen (global WWE fans relived). Further, Edge was an alternative option too. However, The Undertaker admitted that he turned this opportunity down.

As per the WWE latest update, Adam Copeland has a lot of respect for the PHENOM. This made him realize what was at stake and he refused to do it. What a guy!!

Lastly, the Undertaker felt that Brock Lesnar didn’t need to break his streak. He had everything going for him. The former WWE and Universal champion had already gone to the UFC, done it all and returned. There was no need for that extra push, as he wasn’t just going to stick around in the company. Despite that, Brock did it anyway.

As per The Undertaker, it made more sense for Reigns to break it. It would then be showcased as the passing of the torch. However, Vince and co. had other plans. So, it is what it is!!


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