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Fun Fact About Triple H And His Finisher ‘The Pedigree’ Revealed; Fans Are Shocked

Paul Michael Levesque, better known by his in-ring name, Triple H has been one of the best in the business in the last two decades. He has gone on to main-event multiple shows including Wrestlemania. And has made a legendary career of his own, especially during the ATTITUDE ERA and beyond, before taking up other responsibilities in the office.

Now, a full-retired performer (due to his heart condition), Triple H runs the show from behind the scenes. He is at present the Chief Content Executive of the company. And has taken well onto this role in recent times. THE GAME has been behind some of the brilliant storylines that have got the attention of the fans worldwide.

Even some of the WWE fans that were turning away from the shows are now tuning back in. This is something similar to what he did with NXT. And the future seems bright under this new leadership for sure!!

Triple H And The Fun Fact About His Finisher, ‘The Pedigree’

Triple H has won multiple titles during his career in the WWE. And he has done so without a very unique skill-set that gets the crowd going. He uses mainly the spine-buster and a jumping face-buster that got tagged ‘The Pedigree’. Well, though it was nothing really unique, but it got the job done for THE GAME.

And it was good enough for him to get the push that he deserved. But to add to that, Triple H has always had great mike skills. And he has that creative bug in him that worked during his DX days and now behind the scenes, in making great matches and storylines.

However, recently, a Twitter account called 90s WWE, revealed a FUN FACT about ‘The Pedigree’!!

Well, not sure if a lot of WWE fans knew about this fact. Personally, I wasn’t really aware of it myself. And it was good to know that there are things that can make me remember my childhood again. And miss the ATTITUDE ERA for sure!!

What Next For Paul Levesque Next; What Will Be His Focus!?

It seems that Triple H is enjoying the current battle between WWE and AEW. He must be getting that nostalgia vibe from the Monday Night Wars. And this could be bigger than ever, with both brands producing quality content. It is an absolute treat for the Professional Wrestling fans.

Now one wants to see a company go broke and eventually die. Healthy competition is the best thing that could happen to a business. And at present, that seems to be the case. There is a clear balance of power between the two products. And it seems to be pushing the two companies upwards.

Nothing better than two BIG GUNS going at it, with each other and pushing each other to better heights. Triple H would be cherishing this at present as well. And he will hope that the WWE does indeed come out on top!!


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