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BEST RKO EVER: Randy Orton Would Have Been So Proud Of This One For Sure

BEST RKO EVER!! Without a doubt, Randy Orton is a WWE and wrestling legend. He has some of the most unique and excellent move-sets. And he is not too repetitive, as to how he utilizes them. And the mixing and matching of skills and the transitions in the sets, gets him going with the crowds, more often than not!!

However, in recent times, Randy Orton has been missed. He was taken a back-seat in his professional wrestling career. And the injuries haven’t helped either. With that being said, the fans miss his RKO finisher and the build-up to it, that used to happen back in the day.

But, someone has just delivered possibly the best RKO ever!! And it isn’t even a professional wrestler, with the video going viral!!

BEST RKO EVER!! Is This The Best One Ever Due To It’s Timing And The Occasion!?

Well, whatever be the time and place, an RKO can always lighten up the mood. Of course, not of the person who is at the receiving end of it. But everyone who is watching and the person who planned it!! It’s just a treat for sure!!

Just watch this video of a perfectly executed RKO!!

But this time, the person who planned it and the receiver were the same. And so, it was just an EPIC moment. A viral video that got captured and shared. And the people who saw it, surely loved the timing, the occasion and the unexpected execution. Something that you need when you want to execute the BEST RKO EVER!!

At the end of the day, we leave that decision in your hands. For us at BTP, it is right up there due to various reasons. And the best part of it is the pinning combination and the referee. It’s a 1-2-3, RING THE BELL!! Haha!!

At the end of the day, such MOMENTS on film are the best. They make everyone who sees it really happy. WWE is a huge part of our lives and the fans love the entertainment, for sure!!

When Is Randy Orton Expected To Return And What Next For This Legendary Superstar!?

It is being suggested that Randy Orton could make a return at MITB 2023. He could somehow be slotted in at Money In The Bank. And it could have something to do with Matt Riddle’s match against Gunther. The RK Bros could be seen together for the first time since last year.

There is no confirmation on this news, as the WWE has been looking for a suitable opponent for the VIPER. This has delayed his return. However, he could surely add something to the story involving IMPERIUM. It’s just a matter of time before he will be back on-screen.

The company has now given him plenty of time off. And he has taken a good amount of rest to heal any ‘WOUNDS’ that would have created doubts over his fitness. Back issues can be a big problem for one and all. And hopefully, when Randy Orton does return, we witness the BEST RKO EVER from him!!


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