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The Moment When Triple H Almost Ended Kofi Kingston’s Career On WWE RAW

Most top superstars from the ATTITUDE era have had quite a few EPIC moments on WWE RAW and Smackdown. The likes of Stone Cold, The Rock, The Undertaker, Kane and so on, have been brutal at times, with regards to some SAVAGE moments over the years. This has left an impression on ONE and ONE. Triple H and Shawn Michaels are two such names as well, who have left their mark on the brand for sure!!

And through their work with DX, they owned this business for quite some time. Whether it was the invasion angle of the WCW, or various infamous scenes versus the McMahons. DX did it all in style.

However, there was a totally different faction to DX in the final years of their careers. This was the New Day. And amongst this faction, was Kofi Kingston, who got his own push as part of a Kofimania storyline. But, before all that had actually happened, there was a moment when Triple H nearly ended Kofi Kingston’s career with a SAVAGE moment on Live TV.

The EPIC Moment When Triple H Asked Kofi Kingston That Once Question That Everyone Was Avoiding For Years, On Monday Night RAW!!

You know that a segment is really LIT, when your own co-stars in the segment can’t control themselves. And they break character, ending up smiling or laughing. So, there was no doubt that his segment was just going to make people laugh, for sure.

Below is the video of just another EPIC segment by DX, especially Triple H!!

Now, this was long before the whole Kofimania storyline. This was actually the time when Kofi Kingston had been converted into a mid-table jobber, who never seemed to get the right push. However, this segment did highlight him in the right way to the WWE fanbase.

And it also sent the ratings of WWE RAW high up, considering it was Survivor Series season. The World Wrestling Entertaiment (WWE) has 4 main pay-per-view events in a year. Survivor Series is one of those and so, the segment got a lot of POP. And Social Media was talking about it, quite a bit!!

Did It Do Any Good Or Just Bad For Kofi Kingston And His Career!?

Well, the segment just showcased Kofi Kingston as a very cheery and likeable guy. This added to his baby-face value with time. And a few years post this, he was in the New Day, making big moves. That eventually lead to his BIG PUSH. And it was great while it lasted for sure!!

At the end of the day, one thing leads to another and everything is a chain reaction. So, surely, all the promos that Kofi did from time to time, earned him some level of respect. And this accumulated not just in front of the camera, but behind it as well. And when there is respect from the management, surely, you can’t go wrong then!!

Well, at the end of the day, “ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL!!” And the same can be said about Kofi Kingston and this segment on WWE RAW!!


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