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The Most EPIC Promo That Could Have Ended The WWE Career Of ‘The Rock’

There have been some GOOD promos in the WWE, some GREAT ones, while some really EPIC ones!! Many superstars over the years have delivered them. While many top stars have been at the receiving end of them too. However, can you imagine that an EPIC promo that could have ended the WWE career of The Rock possibly!? Hard to imagine, right!?

Well, there was one such time when this could have happened. And post that The Rock wasn’t seen much in the WWE as it is. Now what was the reason for that, is still unknown. But this EPIC promo delivered by John Cena got the fans talking.

And the main reason for that was a couple of lines that caught everyone’s attention. It was from the time in 2012, when The Rock and John Cena were involved in a battle for supremacy. And the fans wanted to know who was the better superstar on the mike!?

And though it was hard to decide, this was the closest that they might have gotten to an answer in this epic fight. It was something that stunned the fans of THE GREAT ONE and the wrestler himself for sure. They could not believe their ears for a second, as it would seem!!

The Most EPIC Promo By John Cena That Could Have Possibly Ended The Career Of The Rock; If It Was Someone Else!!

They just don’t come better than this. This is as close as it can get. And the two would have just fought for real, next, had the tension gone up any further. It was just that EPIC a segment. And this one line in particular, drew all lines on to it!!

Below is the video of that part that can be watched, over and over again for sure!!

Well, this is what is called a KNOCKOUT. And no matter what The Rock would say after that, would surely fall short. And this was probably one of the biggest insults to The Great One in his career. The perfect time and person to pick to deliver it too. Hats off to the creative team for this!!

What Next For These Two WWE Legends!?

Things are not going well for The Rock at present. It seems that he is losing money and if he isn’t careful, it could go down south. For that reason, there is always a chance that he might return to The WWE as well. And both these legends might go at each other for another round or two.

If that is the case, it could be another treat for the fans. The duo are two of the best on the mike. And they can make almost anything work and the audiences love them for that. Their worth ethic can never be questioned. And they can delivered sold-out crowds even till this day. So, every ATTITUDE ERA and PG ERA fan will be hoping that it actually happens!!


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