CWC 2023: 5 Reasons Why It Is Better To Watch The Matches Of Team India At A Pub Than The Actual Stadium!?

CWC 2023

The World Cup is once again in India and though the fans should be really excited that the tournament is back, things aren’t always pretty up-close. And that seems to be the case with regards to this time’s tournament too. While many must have assumed that the grass is going to be greener on the other side, some were still skeptical that the CWC 2023 tournament would be a major attraction for the fans.

The BCCI and its planning committee would have surely wanted to make the most of this opportunity. However, they have just not delivered with regards to the “expectations” of avid cricket fans. And the tournament is still a month away at present. Imagine that!!

But why is this unhappiness already creeping in!? Well, there are multiple reasons for it. And it’s high time that we discuss these issues, BCCI and non-BCCI to say the least!!

5. The Decision Of No E-Tickets For The CWC 2023 And The Havoc That Followed

E-tickets are the best way to go. However, the absence of them is leading to various ISSUES!! Yes, it’s a FACT. What was planted to help the Indian cricket fans get their very own set of tickets (avoid re-sale and more) to watch whichever game they wanted, isn’t really helping at all.

The process is tedious and hectic and a total mess. BOOK MY SHOW has failed to deliver in the case of this competition, as fans have to wait for hours to finally be able to do something that can get them to a match. Many a times, the whole process gets tiring and a failure to get it completed in a single go, can lead to a lot of frustration.

Don’t really know what the BCCI was expecting would happen in this case!! It’s the Cricket World Cup at the end of the day. Did they think the website wouldn’t face these problems or work without crashing!? Go figure!!

4. Multiple Online Ticketing Scams And A Black-Market Of Tickets

BOOK MY SHOW was the main authentic portal to get the CWC 2023 tickets. Despite that, it seems that most of the tickets on the portal are SOLD OUT!! However, there are other websites that are still selling the same tickets. And the prices are way too high in comparison to the original ones.

What does this mean!? It means reselling of the same tickets that were bought by a few. And now the rest have to buy it from them at hiked prices. Many of these tickets are currently priced at ‘LAKHS’. As per various sources, a single ticket for the India vs Pakistan game at the Narendra Modi Stadium could cost a person around 20 lakhs INR (the costliest one we hope).

Further, many of these individuals and websites are frauds. They are taking an advance or a token amount and then POOF!! They are gone!! And so is your money!! Is all this hassle worth it!? After all the noise that the fans made ONLINE, the BCCI gave an update!!

Would I rather not visit my favourite PUB, sip on a BEER and watch the game with my close friends!? Hell yeah!!

3. Price Hikes In Flights, Hotels, Lack Of Accommodation And More Due To CWC 2023

Everyone wants to make money during a World Cup. Especially, when the craze for this tournament is as wild as it is in India. Cricket is a religion in this country and every fan knows that. And so do the business owners in the cities where these games will be held.

The price hike in these cities is huge for real. And the Indian cricket fans are the ones that are going to pay the price for it. Not just will they be paying more money for hotels, flights and other basic accessories to watch these games. But they will also struggle to get accommodation, food and much more, if they don’t take the right precautions in advance.

Booking hospital beds just because hotel rooms are full!? Where have we heard that before!? Nowhere!! Because, IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA!! And that’s just not the end of it. More such madness to surely follow, due to the craze for CRICKET in India.

So, things are just not going to be easy for the local fans anymore (travelling from nearby cities), forget fans travelling from nearby states. Those groups or communities will surely have a nightmare to get to these stadiums. So, why go through so much trouble, when you can just watch it at a local pub!?

2. It’s Not A T20 World Cup; Most Fans Have Forgotten How Long 50-Over Games Used To Be

Most cricket fans have actually forgotten that the tournament is a 50-over one. It’s not a T20 World Cup. A game of 100 overs (minimum) takes at least 10 hrs or so depending on the delay and pre-match preparations and post-match presentations. So, it’s not a 4-5 hr event like the IPL or how ideal T20s are.

So, dedicating an entire day is not always possible for everyone. Also, sometimes, some of these games may end quickly or be totally one-sided. So, we may not even get to see our favourite stars perform that much.

Now, this can happen with any game. However, the price of tickets in comparison to the risk-factor is too high. Further, if Team India wins such games, then all good. Otherwise, the money spend will be gone without any real gain. So, it’s rather complicated and the cricket fans need to choose smartly.

At the end of the day, is it worth spending LAKHS for an ODI match now!? Go figure!!

1. Can Party Or Travel For Months With The Money Saved On Some Of These Match-Tickets

The kind of money being demanded for some of these tickets is CRAZY!! VVIP Passes for the India vs Pakistan matches are said to be worth 20 lakhs (highest value). Like, who in their right minds will spend that kind of money for a match!? Rather, you could put it in a bank as a SAVING or INVEST it somewhere.

Further, it can be used to PARTY or TRAVEL for months to various locations within the country. Or even go abroad to countries like Thailand or the Philippines. Or go shopping to Dubai.

You can plan a LAVISH HOLIDAY, rather than go to a CWC 2023 game, which you can go out and watch at your local PUB with friends. It just makes way more sense (practically)!! Yes, we all love cricket. But at what cost!?

Ofcourse, we are not saying that don’t go to a game if you get tickets for a fair bargain. But some of the pricings listed on various websites (apart from BOOK MY SHOW) are just horrendous and not worth it!!

Cricket is about love and passion for the game and the players. But sometimes, you need to be smart and a bit practical too. We leave it up to you, what choice you make. But please be careful that you don’t end up being duped and waste your HARD EARNED MONEY!! Cheers!!

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