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Top 10 Football Or FIFA Songs That All Fans Of The Beautiful Game Would Surely Enjoy

There is no doubt that the football fans across the globe have always loved their music. Whether it is a World Cup anthem or FIFA songs for their favourite game, the global audience always can enjoy a good tune. And many such songs have featured over the years that have given each and every individual across the globe, a sense of belonging.

Now, though, there are always lyrics that are played in stadiums or song by fans, some are just better than the others. And that is why, it is a necessity to have the right playlist. Fans who know their MUSIC, enjoy the game even more.

So let’s divide this article into 2 parts!! Let’s have 5 of each that I prefer and want to call the best!! The songs are in no particular order of ranking and are all amazing tracks!!

Top 5 FIFA Songs Based On The Quality Of Music And Overall Song

Out of these 5 FIFA songs, BLUR has been my own personal favourite, though Jerk It Out has recently become more of a song on REPEAT MODE (though I always liked it, despite the weird name). Rockafella Skank (Funk Soul Brother) has been a long-term hit for fans, not just of the game, but non-football ones too.

Lastly, who doesn’t love Avici!! RIP!! And John Newman’s LOVE ME AGAIN, is a breath of FRESH AIR. So, definitely, these five are just amazing. Right there at the top. Also, BLUR is a good karaoke song as well, as I have tried it once.

Love Me Again and The Nights set the PARTY MOOD right. So, there are more than one uses to these tracks for sure. Do listen to all them!! Cheers!!

1. Caesars Palace- Jerk It Out

2. BLUR- Song 2

3. Fat Boy Slim- Rockfella Skank

4. John Newman- Love Me Again

5. Avicii- The Nights


Top 5 Football Tournament And World Cup Songs

With regards to the songs for the footballing tournaments, Ricky Martin owns the list with The Cup Of Life. But K’Naan’s Wavin’ Flag is an anthem that not too many can ignore either. And it works for all SPORTS, not just FOOTBALL. It’s rather UNIVERSAL.

Along with that is Shakira’s Waka Waka, which is more of a dance number in itself. And is quite famous at karaoke too, along with Wavin’ Flag. This One’s For You and Magic In The Air are too different types of songs to the initial 3.

David Guetta has done a great job with his track. Love the utilization of ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS on that track and it sounds better than some of the other recent ones. And Magic In The Air is an overall brilliant song in itself. Love those two as well. Do check all these 5 songs out too!!

1. Ricky Martin- The Cup Of Life

2. K’NAAN- Wavin’ Flag

Shakira- Waka Waka

David Guetta ft. Zara Larsson- This One’s For You

Magic System- Magic In The Air

Well, everyone has their own taste and choice. However, some of these songs are just all-time hits and favourites of Sports and Football fans across the globe. It doesn’t matter at times, what the event or the occasion, FANS and MUSIC LOVERS can hum these tunes at will!!

And so, this is our playlist for you, the FOOTBALL FANS, who love their music. All of these top 10 songs in one place. Lastly, these are my picks and yours can be a bit different. But I am sure, at least 6 or 7 of these songs will surely be on your ALL TIME BEST LIST!!


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