CM Punk set the whole internet on fire when he showed up on WWE Backstage last Tuesday to close the show. In a 30-second promo, he became the biggest news of the wrestling world and the fans were left questioning what it means for his future. For the last six years, fans had been wondering if Punk would ever step inside a wrestling ring again, and his appearance on WWE TV ignited that question even more.

The Biggest Story Related To The WWE- CM Punk’s Future And More

So, Keeping that in mind, WWE Backstage’s host, Renee Young asked Punk the question. The question that everyone wants to ask him, to which he replied,  “it is a bridge that needs to be built.” He went on to elaborate that he is working for FOX and not WWE. This is because of which he doesn’t have to sit and complement the WWE shows. It is irrespective of what he thinks about them.

He is allowed to criticize. Punk also revealed that he has not talked to anyone in WWE. The main takeaway from this was that Punk thinks there needs to be communication between him and WWE management before he would even think about wrestling again. He didn’t rule out a return though.

Ever since walking out of the company in early 2014, the voice of the voiceless has completely separated himself from wrestling. So, he had to catch up on a lot of things before he appeared on yesterday’s WWE Backstage’s episode and gave his take on various things that are going on right now.

It was made very clear that CM Punk is not going to hold back on WWE Backstage. On the show, he called the new design of the WWE Universal Championship ‘stupid’. He tried to make Paige agree with him. Paige just laughed it off, without actually saying otherwise. He even criticized the whole Roman Reign and Baron Corbin’s Big Dog segment and said: “The less said about it I think is better. You can not possibly defend that. The creativity is bad, I do not anything about Baron Corbin. He is one of the newer guys that I gotta check him out but that is a bad start.”

What Was Further Being Said About The Whole Story?

It is honestly refreshing to see someone calling out bad creative decisions on a WWE show. If Punk continues to speak up his mind on WWE Backstage, that show will become a ‘must-watch TV every single week.

Punk also replied to Seth Rollins’ Tweets. This is where the former was challenging the latter for a match. Punk said, “I want my journalistic integrity to be intact. So this is not the show where you come on and shoot your little angles. Seth (Rollins) needs to stop Tweeting. He has to realize that sometimes it is better to be viewed as the fool and shut your mouth. Or open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Rollins had replied to Punk’s comment on him by calling him a ‘coward’ on Twitter. Even though Punk’s new role as a journalist on Backstage is not something fans were hoping to see him in, we should just feel happy that The Best in the World is at least back. He is talking about wrestling. We do not know if he will ever wrestle again. It seems like he is enjoying his new job and looks satisfied with his life and career.