Corrupt cases are springing into the world of cricket with now an unnamed player complaining a case. That is in the ongoing 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League. BCCI’s ACU chief Ajit Singh has revealed that a player in the Indian Premier League has reported a corrupt approach.

He also announced that the anti-corruption officials are in place and tracking the culprit. The ACU is on high alert on this. Through conducting several virtual counselling sessions, ACU is educating players and the support staff about the corrupt approaches.

The Story Of Shakib-Al-Hasan

A similar case we saw was in the 2018 edition of the Indian Premier League. Shakib-Al-Hasan was the victim of such a case. Being at the receiving end of a corrupt approach, he failed to report it at the necessary time. It subsequently resulted in him being banned for a year with an additional year of suspended ban from the tournament. The thing proved costly for the Bangladeshi all-rounder.

While Shakib is almost on the verge of completing his ban and making a return to the field, the story has definitely acted as an inspiration for young cricketers to report such eye-catching incident as soon as possible. ACU has also taken this opportunity to further emphasis on this topic.

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What a BCCI’s ACU chief Ajit Singh official told the PTI?

BCCI’s ACU chief Ajit Singh revealed to the Press Trust of India that a player has reported a corrupt approach. The identity of the player and the team hasn’t been revealed because of confidentiality purposes. However, this was what they said while confirming the same.

“Yes. We are tracking him (prospect bookie). It will take some time. The best part is that the player who was approached immediately sensed that something was fishy. He had a suspicion and he immediately shared his concerns with the ACU. Every player, even those who have come from the U-19s are well aware of each and every anti-corruption protocols.”

The players are now staying in a bio-secure environment with no connection to the outside world to tackle such corruption. The BCCI ACU as said has conducted several virtual counselling sessions. To share more knowledge and action on the same, BCCI also brought on board Sportradar, a leading supplier of sports integrity solutions and data products, to work alongside the ACU.

“The company’s Fraud Detecting System (FDS) monitors over 600 bookmakers to These bookmakers are of different kinds, from different countries, different regions, including the so-called grey market or the illegal operators,” Tom Mace (head, Sportradar’s global operations) said reflecting the data product.

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What Next For Cricket And The Indian Premier League In 2020?

Well, The Gentlemen’s Game has already attracted a lot of controversy in recent timers. It is best that things are kept clean now. No sport likes to have these scams and scandals and it is up to the governing body to avoid them. It will be interesting to see how things develop now, as we head into the business end of IPL 2020. The games are going to be crucial and the results will determine which four teams make it to the playoffs this term.