Dale Steyn recently landed in Sri Lanka to play for Lanka Premier League’s team Kandy Tuskers this season. In the recent past, the South African pacer has not been in a good form. In this season’s IPL, he was in Royal Challengers Bangalore’s squad but he barely got exposure. He featured in RCB’s starting line-up for the first two or three matches. After a series of poor performances, he was dropped from the playing 11. However, the pacer would now like to have a fresh start in the LPL.

The Conversation That Dale Steyn Had That Went Viral

Probably that is why Steyn has got a new look. Steyn can now be seen sporting long hair tucked with a band around his head. The South African revealed his new look via a social media post after he landed in Sri Lanka. However, Steyn recently got involved in a heated argument on Twitter with a fan who perhaps didn’t like the new look.

Dale Steyn has joined Kandy Tuskers as a replacement for Sohail Tanvir who dropped out of the team after being tested positive for Covid-19. As per the new Covid-19 protocols, Steyn will have to stay in a 14 days isolation before joining his teammates. During his isolation, Steyn decided to conduct a QNA session on his Twitter account to spend some fun time. One of his fans asked something Steyn wasn’t ready for. 

The fan gave Dale Steyn a suggestion which didn’t go well with the South African. The fan tweeted, “Dale long locks doesn’t suit you! Can you get to normal haircut?.” Steyn lashed out at the fan tweeting “How about I worry about my appearance and you worry about yours Mr ugly moustache.”

Dale Steyn has always been a fun-loving guy and such a response from him is not very usual. Perhaps commenting something negative about someone’s attire isn’t good to start with.

What Next For The Player And The LPL?

LPL’s team Kandy Tuskers has been going through a bad and unlucky phase. They already suffered a setback when main their batsman Chris Gayle got injured. Moreover, Sohail Tanvir, an important bowler of the squad tested positive for Coronavirus and dropped out of the tournament. The team’s management thus had no other option than to look for replacements. And what better option than Dale Steyn. This will not be the first time for the Steyn to play as a replacement. Last year, Steyn joined RCB as a replacement for an injured bowler as well. Thus, Steyn announced it officially that he is going to play for Kandy Tuskers through his Twitter account. His teammates at Kandy Tuskers include several former Indian players like Irfan Pathan and Munaf Patel. 

IPL 2020: Dale Steyn Gives a Fitting Reply to a Fan's Tweet -  EssentiallySports

Currently, Kandy Tuskers are in the fourth position on the points table of LPL 2020 with just two points in five matches. They have lost four matches and won just one till now. On the other hand, Jaffna Stallions are table toppers with eight points having won four matches and lost just one. Kandy Tuskers will have an to act quickly now if they want to win the tournament. LPL is a five-team tournament and thus Dale Steyn and Co. do not have too many matches in hand. It is now to see whether Dale Steyn will prove to be a game-changer for the Tuskers.