The star South African cricketer Faf Du Plessis’ wife, Imari has asked him on Instagram to have more babies. Faf Du Plessis has two children already. His girl child Zoey has been born in 2020. Faf Du Plessis has put up a post in Instagram sharing the news of her arrival in this World. He has also stated that he will do his best to protect his child.


Faf du Plessis' story

Faf Du Plessis has married his girlfriend back in 2013. The first child of this couple has come in 2017 and after three years they are again enjoying the parenthood. Faf Du Plessis’ wife has mentioned him in the Insta story with this proposal. The reply of Faf Du Plessis has been quite positive. He has also mentioned his wife in the story and replied, “I am ready, Let’s go.”

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Faf Du Plessis has been the only consistent batsman in the lineup of Chennai Super Kings who has delivered for them. However, nothing is going right for Chennai Super Kings at this moment. Their star all-rounder Dwayne Bravo has picked up an injury and he will now miss two-three games. This has been a huge loss for Chennai Super Kings at this moment. From the beginning of the tournament, the situation has not been good for them.

The star left-hander batsman of Chennai Super Kings, Suresh Raina has gone back to India when the support staff of the Chennai Super Kings have been tested COVID-19 positive. Suresh Raina has stated it as personal reasons after withdrawing himself from the tournament. The franchise has not announced any replacement of Suresh Raina in the meantime. The impact of the player is certainly missing at the top for Chennai Super Kings. Chennai Super Kings’ innings has never got the same impetus without Suresh Raina in this season. The star off-spinner of India, Harbhajan Singh has also not gone to the United Arab Emirates to play for Chennai Super Kings in this season. According to various sources, the management of Chennai Super Kings have terminated the contract of both these players and both of them will be available in the auction table in the next season.

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Faf Du Plessis has always played the role of the anchor in the innings of Chennai Super Kings. However, he has not found any of his teammates to play with more courage in this condition. The strike rate of the batsmen of Chennai Super Kings has been poor this season. Another star opener of Chennai Super Kings, Shane Watson has also not been able to fire in this season.

It will be interesting to see what will be the plan of the franchise in the next season. The average age of the squad is surprisingly high and with these ageing players, it is very difficult to get results in a T20 game where the margin between two sides is really small. Chennai Super Kings’ hope to qualify for the playoffs in this season has almost ended and the management should think of the future from now on.