The Game Of Thrones writers produced their best and most intense episode till date in season 8 episode 3, which was a spectacle in itself. The fans went berserk on social media, as they were in shock as to what they had witnessed and were totally overwhelmed with the things that they saw.

It was just a work of art that needed to be cherished and appreciated by the fans and it was, as the fans really loved what they saw. However, the twists and turns that this show can take are endless and relentless and there is no predicting what may happen next.

With that being said, here are five main characters that will possibly die soon-

Sansa Stark

If “survival of the fittest” has taught us anything, then the fans would know that Sansa is one of the weakest characters on the show, as shown by the recently concluded battle of Winterfell. She herself confessed that if she was of any use in fighting away the enemy, she would have contributed, but she isn’t.

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With that being said, she would an easy target if just one of the enemies can reach her and that should be the case in one of the upcoming episodes. Whether it is Cersie’s henchmen or one of her own, her death seems inevitable at this point of time, with her weakness and dislike for Daenerys being showcased quite clearly right through.

Cersie Lannister

The prophecy of the Red Priestess suggested that Arya would shut “green eyes” may point out to the fact that after killing The Night King, the “girl who had no name” might target Cersie. The current queen on Westeros is anyways a primary target of each and every individual interested in sitting on the Iron Throne and it could either be Arya’s own motive to kill her, or she may take orders from someone to do the same. Only time will tell which happens, though Cersie must die if another ruler must emerge.

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Jamie Lannister

The other half of this twin duo will also potentially face death and give in, though we predict that Jamie will die a hero. He will be the one to probably protect his brother Tyrion from his sister’s forces, who may try to kill him in the days to come. As ordered by Cersie, Bronn may switch sides depending on how the war goes and this could mean the end of Jamie.

This could make him a character worth remembering. His face-value could totally sky-rocket if that is the case and he could actually prove worthy of the trust that they have shown in him so far.

Arya Stark

Though Arya Stark has been tagged as one of the best assassins on the show at present, there is always a downfall to the push that one gets in a novel that was initially been written by George R.R. Martin. Due to this, the writers may have a really twisted plot on their mind as well.

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They have been keen on giving Arya a solid push in season 8 episode 3, the battle of Winterfell, but could now kill her to once again prove that you can never have a favourite on this show. She may be responsible in directly or indirectly killing Cersie in the long-run, but it may cost her, her life. Let’s wait and watch.

Jon Snow

Though this death doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon, it will eventually happen if Daenerys Targaryen is supposed to sit on the throne. This goes hand in hand with the “Mad-Queen” theory and it could possibly be one of the ways that the show might end.

It may either be cold-blooded murder for the throne or an execution right at the end, which may see the elimination of yet another rightful suitor to the Iron Throne. The side-effect of a very interesting concept could be the demise of Jon Snow, again.