The star cricketer of West Indies, Marlon Samuels has slammed Ben Stokes in his Instagram story after Ben Stokes’ comments about the quarantine issue. The rivalry between Ben Stokes and Marlon Samuels is known to all. It has started in 2015 when Ben Stokes has celebrated the wicket of Marlon Samuels with a salute. Marlon Samuels has not taken it with a soft manner and from that point of time, the verbal spat between the two players has started.

The star all-rounder of England, Ben Stokes has again been involved with Marlon Samuels in the final of T20 World Cup. In that match, West Indies have won against England in a thrilling encounter at Eden Gardens.

Ben Stokes, Marlon Samuels

What Was The Whole Incident This Time And Why The Rivalry? 

The World Cup winner missed the first part of the season of Indian Premier League. He has been taking care of his father in Auckland. Ben Stokes has missed the test series against Australia for his National team England. However, his father has told him to go and play for his franchise in the Indian Premier League.

That’s why Ben Stokes came to the United Arab Emirates in the middle of the tournament. The Governing Council of Indian Premier League has been trying their best to secure the safety of their players during the tournament. They have created a bio bubble and the players are not allowed to go outside the bio bubble.

Stokes has to go for 14 days quarantine after coming from New Zealand. He has told that the experience of his quarantine has not been very good. His friends in England National Team have asked him about his experience during the quarantine. Ben Stokes’ brother has also asked if he wants his worst enemy to go through this phase. Stokes replied that he will not wish his worst enemy like Marlon Samuels to go through this phase.

What Ben Stokes Recently Told TMS On The IPL Podcast?

“You get off the plane, get your bag, walk out and get told what hotel to go to. There is no choice, it is pot luck whether you get a good hotel or not. The government have chosen certain hotels to be quarantine hotels. I posted a few Instagram stories and some of the England boys were messaging me asking what it is like and I was saying it was not the most enjoyable thing you ever have to do, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.”

“Text my brother saying the same thing, and my brother asked: ‘You would not even do that to Marlon Samuels?’ I said ‘no, it is that bad’ – that is how tough it was.”

Marlon Samuels, Ben Stokes

The Issue Between Marlon Samuels And Ben Stokes

Marlon Samuels has been quite offended with the statement of Ben Stokes. Marlon Samuels has given some offensive statements about Ben Stokes’ wife. Samuels has also brought in Shane Warne in the conversation. Shane Warne and Marlon Samuels have also been involved in verbal spats for quite a few times in Big Bash League.

The all-rounder has not been at his best in this season’s Indian Premier League. Stokes has come in the middle of the tournament. The management of Rajasthan Royals has been trying Ben Stokes as an opener. According to the management, Stokes is the best player in the franchise and he should play the most number of balls in the match.

Marlon Samuels, Ben Stokes

Stokes has played one brilliant innings against Mumbai Indians. Mumbai Indians have posted a big total of 195 on the board. However, Stokes has been phenomenal in this run chase. He has always maintained the run rate under control. He has ensured that the player on the other side does not get into much pressure. It has been an innings which will certainly motivate the players of Rajasthan Royals for the last two games of the tournament.