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IPL 2023: Latest Rules Explained In Detail; Fans Hopeful It Makes Cricket Better

IPL 2023 Update: The 16th edition of the Indian Premier League will be more exciting than the previous ones. The reason behind that is BCCI have introduced a new rule for the tournament i.e. Impact player during the game. The Impact player rule has already been introduced in domestic T20 tournament Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy.

One player can become an instant hero coming off the bench. Teams will name 5 substitute players to the umpires from which one player will be introduced as an impact player if the match situation is needed. It is definitely a very exciting addition to the game and let us know more about it.

Overseas players rule

Teams can play only 3 overseas cricketers in the starting XI if they need to play an overseas impact player later on during the game.

Timing of introducing Impact player

Before the start of an innings

After finishing an over

If a wicket falls or any player gets injured hurt.

The replaced player cannot take further part in the game. Not even as a fielder. Once a player gets substituted his game is done for the night.

Not necessary to replace a like for like cricketer to use the impact player. A team can introduce a bowler or a batter if the match situation demands. A substitute bowler can bowl a full quota of 4 overs even the player he replaced bowled 4 overs as well.

IPL 2023 latest: In case of any rain affected game, rules will not be changed for the impact player

If the Impact player gets injured, his team can introduce a concussion replacement only after the match referee approves. The captains will carry two sheets, one the first XI, other is 5 substitutes at the toss. Teams will be announced after the toss.

At the end of the day, things will now get really tricky for the fans. Anything can happen when these changes will be implemented. It’s a modern way to revolutionize the game. Whether it does anything for the sport of Cricket or not, remains to be seen. For now, the idea is there on the table and it has been implemented.

The IPL wants to further grow as a brand. And this something that they want to look at, as a potential improvement. The organizers are trying to take a page out of the book of the Premier League. Substitutions have never really been a thing for Cricket. However, this time things will be very different.

The fans will also now have to anticipate the changes that are thrown into each and every game. Lot of tough decisions to be made by skippers. And the tactical side of things can be pushed up quite a bit. At the end of the day, the game is changing. With that being said, the Indian Premier League and IPL 2023, in particular, could be the first ones to execute it.

Whether it turns out to be a success or a failure remains to be seen. For now, only one thing is certain. The game wants to grow and we could be on the brink of something really big and substantial right here!!


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