10 Tips That Can Make You A Better Football Content Writer Or News Writer


How To Be  A High-Quality Football Content Writer Or News Writer!? One of the most-asked or self-actualized questions in this industry. Everyone loves to read the best content. And if you are the one creating it, then surely KUDOS (NOT Mohammed)  to you!! But if you are not, you always try to explore, learn and grow. That’s just how the business was, is and always will be!! (for the LEARNERS at least)

So, at the end of the day, can a guy with an average vocabulary become a GREAT WRITER!? He surely can!! Anyone can, for that matter. All they need is SUGAR, SPICE and EVERYTHING NICE!! Hah!! Or maybe, not!!

Not everyone can be a SHASHI THAROOR!! (if you don’t know, Google him and his quotes). Some of us just need to get immersed in the mediocrities of the English language, only to ultimately highlight the limitations of a minimal language barrier that doesn’t really allow us to connect to the epitome of superior grammatical pinnacles, despite multiple sophisticated diligences within the barriers of the limited time that we are granted to cherish in our lifetime of insignificant and inconsequential existence. Oops, was infected there for a second too!! (I tried, okay!? Google helped a little!!)

But, despite  all these hurdles and tools at our disposal, there are few simpler things that can help one and all. These are simple tricks that at least give the website and company you work for, a little more confidence in your capabilities. And it also shows the audiences that you can surely write MORE!! And are writing for THEM!! Not just yourself.

10 Tips That Make You A Better Football Content Writer Or News Writer

10. Learn the use of UPPER CASE words and HIGHLIGHTERS!!

It’s always advisable to highlight certain keywords or key phrases that an article or news is about. This helps the readers find what they are looking for. However, if everything is REVEALED in these limited words, then the bounce-rate of an article may go high.

In the case of a news in the print media, such things generally don’t happen. For those readers, the first few lines give the gist of the topic. And then, whether they want to continue reading or not, is totally upto a choice that they need to make.

Highlighting the right points sure has its benefits. And one must do what is necessary to pull attention of the readers. This can actually set the tone of an article too. Plus, UPPER CASE alphabets, help to distinguish words that are of more importance than others. So, this is a well-renowned TACTIC!!

9. Punctuations can also do the trick for a football content writer!!

Commas, semi-colons, question-makers, exclamation marks and more are used from time to time. These have their own benefit too. It passes on multiple emotions onto the readers. People who have the grasping power to relate to such emotions, can’t ignore these when used.

They read such statements with more EMPHASIS and FOCUS. It can at times also be used to highlight HEADINGS and TITLES. However, overusing PUNCTUATIONS can also be harmful at times.

8. Conjunctions to start sentences from time to time

And, But, Or and many more conjunctions can at times be used to start sentences. The point being that it is a tactic to add more emphasis onto certain sentences. Further, when a writer feels a little lazy (at times too), he or she can utilize them. At the end of the day, not all sentences will form beautifully. Some come out at the end of a hard-fought STRUGGLE!!

And for those specific cases, uses a CONJUNCTION at the start of the sentence, just works fine!! But, then again, over-repetition can be a problem. So, that needs to be avoided for sure.

7. Crack a JOKE once in a while (has to be funny to at least a few)

The INJECTION of ACCEPTABLE HUMOUR can really make an article click. This sets the tone of a few additional pieces of information that can be given, along with a push-away from all the serious notions that the article brings about itself, due to maybe the topic at hand. However, a JOKE is only SUITABLE in certain cases.

One can’t write a news about a PASSING or a CALAMITY with a JOKE amid the mix. Neither can SAD NEWS of any sort or SAD UPDATES be given with the thought of a SMILE!! So, these things need to be considered well in advance.

6. Talk directly to the fans and highlight the focal point of the article in headings (don’t go around in circles)

Many CONTENT CREATORS and WRITERS have this BAD HABIT of extending their articles/news or even BLOGS/VLOGS for that matter by talking on the same thing, over and over again. This tactic is generally used to extend the LENGTH of an ARTICLE or VIDEO. And make more money by increasing the number of ads.

It may work once in a while. But once the READERS understand this tactic, they stop going through the entire content that has been put out. And then they start FILTERING the things that they want to read or see. This does not help the content creator in the long run. And if a WRITER loses his audience, matters get only worse with time!!

So, the best way to avoid this, is to create content that does not involve such tricks and tactics. Because, once a writer gets into the habit of doing this on a consistent basis, there is NO GOING BACK!! For this PURPOSE, the best SOLUTION is to first decide the HEADINGS (POINTERS) and then start writing. This division of the article into pointers or parts, reduces the chances of REPITION and keeps the CONTENT, RATHER FRESH!!


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