The Team India Story- When India’s new jersey for the Australian tour was launched, it was a very nostalgic and emotional moment for all the Indian cricket fans. The fans went down the memory lane because it was the same retro jersey that India donned in the 1992 world cup. It was the first world cup where coloured jerseys were used. Before that, World cups were played in white jerseys which current day cricket fans also call the ‘test jersey’. It is now being reported that India will don a new jersey in the Tests too.

What Next For The Jersey That Team India Will Be Wearing?

Obviously, it is mandatory that the test jerseys need to be completely white and simple and nothing can be changed regarding that. What has been changed in the Indian jersey, is the print of the Sponsor’s logo. In modern-day cricket, sponsorships have taken over a huge part of the cricket industry. The whole sport runs and makes a profit on it.

The brands spend an enormous amount of money to capture more and more attention from the audience. Hence this time, India’s current sponsors ‘BYJU’S’ have spent extra money to increase the size of their logo in the Indian jersey. This, however, is in accordance with ICC’s new rules. Due to the Covid-19 situation, ICC has granted some cricket boards the permission to let sponsors use bigger logos by paying extra money.

This is being done with the sole purpose of making more profit. Many cricket boards have suffered a huge loss due to Coronavirus and that is why this rule has been introduced to make more profit. Teams like Bangladesh, Pakistan, New Zealand and West Indies have already been seen wearing jerseys with bigger logos but for India, this would be the first time.

The Further Story Of The Current Tour Of Australia

India has already won the T20 series with one match in hand. A bigger challenge is awaiting them in the test series. The Australian Test team is an extremely strong side to face. Moreover, Australia will have an upper hand in the series as it is being played in their home ground. However, the Indians have already started preparing. While Virat Kohli and team were busy preparing for the T20 series, Ajinkya Rahane was leading India ‘A’ in a preparatory friendly match against Australia ‘A’. It was in this match that the Jerseys with bigger logos was first spotted by the fans.

Vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara have been training separately. That is keeping the Test series in mind. These two batsmen will be India’s main hopes in the Tests. Especially provided the fact that Virat Kohli will not be available after the first Test match. The other batsmen of the team will have to take the extra responsibility.

The one’s to watch out in the series would definitely be youngsters, Prithvi Shaw and Shubhman Gill. It would also be interesting to see the wicketkeeper choice of Virat Kohli. There would be a tough competition between Rishabh Pant and Wriddhiman Saha for the spot. All together the upcoming Test series between India and Australia is going to be extremely intense and unpredictable.