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Manpreet Gony will not be the world’s most-liked cricketer tonight after what just transpired in the match between India Legends and Sri Lanka Legends. None of the fans were happy with the rashness of the incident. However, the former Chennai Super Kings’ man has only himself to blame for it.

In an incident on the pitch, Manpreet Gony threw the ball towards Chinthaka Jayasinghe. The intention was to scare the batsman off of his own bowling. However, the throw was just wayward and the batsman got hurt.

This was at a crucial point in the game, where the visitors needed just 50 runs off of 19 balls. The game was in the favour of the Sri Lanka Legends. However, this injury turned it around, some would say.

The Video Of Manpreet Gony Hitting Chinthaka Jayasinghe With This Throw That Went Viral And Got The Fans Talking

It was in the 17th over of the game, the penultimate ball of that over. Manpreet Gony was the bowler and Chinthaka Jayasinghe, the batsman. The batsman mistimed the bowl back to Gony, who was in his own stride at the moment. He lost control of the ball and it hit Jayasinghe straight on his left shoulder.

Not a pleasant sight to see in any game. Even Sachin Tendulkar’s reaction said it all. The Sri Lankan fans were really angry on Social Media. They were not too pleased by the way that their team lost.

Below is the video of the incident between Manpreet Gony and Chinthaka Jayasinghe-

The Sri Lankan Fans Called India Legends Cheaters Online; Not A Pleasant Sight

The fans of the Sri Lanka Legends were clearly not impressed by this. The fact that Manpreet Gony had a smirk on his face and was trying to control his laughter, added fuel to the fire. Also, the reaction of the other veteran Sri Lankan players also spoke volumes of what had just happened.

None of them seemed impressed. Even though the tournament was supposed to be an unofficial event, this spoilt the taste for everyone. The spirit of the game is always considered one of the key things and hopefully, this is sorted out soon. It was an unfortunate incident and hopefully doesn’t get repeated again, ever!! What a sad way to end the tournament!!

However, it was the India Legends who came out of top in the tournament. They won by 14 runs to be crowned champions. Not all fans would have been pleased by this but that is how it ended.

Well, this could just be the first of many Road Safety World Series’ tournaments to follow. The fans would have enjoyed the tournament overall. Watching such legends play would have been nostalgic for a lot of them. Some of the young kids got to see their heroes play yet again. What a brilliant sight to watch!!